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Carrying “Indonesian Fusion” concept of F&B and architecture design is the idea of living in
Indonesia culture with its diversity. There are plenty of Indonesian twist cuisine by our talented
Chefs and also offering a famous western, European and Asian dish to indulge your pallet.

Main Course

Meat & Poultry

Bebek Bumbu Rempah (Spicy) - 89K

Deep fried special marinated duck served with Hambalang herbs & spices, steamed rice and sambal rempah

Bebek Asap Swadaya (Spicy) - 88K

Duck with 3 (three) time cooking process has a unique taste served with steamed rice and sambal asap

Ayam Bakar Taliwang (Spicy) - 189K

Traditional whole grilled spring chicken served with plecing kangkung

Konro Bakar Makasar - 168K

Fusion of traditional Konro grilled ribs served with steamed rice and harissa sambal

Ayam Goreng Honje - 75K

Chicken braised with turmeric, ginger flower and herbs, served with steamed rice and sambal

Sop Buntut Hambalang - 180K

Center cut oxtail soup with AKASHA special herbs & spices served with steamed rice and condiment

Pindang Iga (Spicy) - 125K

Traditional and classic style ribs stew served with steamed rice

Indonesian Signature - Fish & Seafood

Sop Ikan Salmon Kerobokan - 180K

Balinese style salmon stew with ginger, tomatoes and lemon served with steamed rice

Pecak Gurame Sabeni (Spicy) - 135K

Deep fried fillet gourami fish and served with sambal cobek

Cumi Goreng Sambal Matah (Spicy) - 58K

Deep fried battered squid served with sambal matah

Tekwan Palembang - 60K

Traditional Palembang signature dish

Udang Goreng Sambal Petai (Spicy) - 78K

Sauteed prawn with stinky beans and chili sauce

Western Signature - Our Specialty

Sirloin Sharmila Harissa - 288K

Middle eastern grilled sirloin steak served with potato wedges, mix salad, gold leaves and harissa sauce

Black Angus Ribeye’s - 380K

200 gr of grilled US Angus ribeye, roasted baby potatoes, honey glazed baby carrots and mushroom served with black pepper sauce or mushroom gravy

Lamb Chop - 198K

Grilled Australian lamb chops served with roasted potatoes, mushroom, baby carrots, spinach and gorgonzola sauce

Roasted Beef Ribs - 258K

Fell of the bone slow roasted beef ribs served with baked potatoes and vegetables

Roasted Chicken Flambe - 248K

Whole roasted chicken, marinated with cajun powder, mixed vegetables and served with creamy mushroom sauce

From the land

Grilled Sirloin - 180K

Sirloin meltique, sauteed potatoes and greens served with mushroom gravy

Roasted Chicken Mushroom - 85K

Grilled chicken with mix vegetable served with mushroom sauce

From the sea

Pacific Grilled Octopus - 158K

Grilled octopus served with roasted baby potatoes, baby carrots, coriander, lemon and gremolata

Salmon alla Griglia - 180K

Grilled Norwegian Salmon steak with smashed green peas potatoes, roasted tomatoes and served with creamy dill sauce

Battered Fish & Chips - 98K

Classic fish and chips served with lemon and tartar sauce

Cakalang Asap Laut Merah (Spicy) - 120K

Homemade fillet smoke skipjack fish (cakalang) with spicy red curry

Mangut Cakalang Asap (Spicy) - 150K

Homemade smoke skipjack fish (cakalang) with yellow curry, tomatoes and local basil

Nasi Speciality

Nasi Goreng Cakalang Sambal Roa - 78K

Fried rice tossed with smoked skipjack fish and sambal roa served with sunny side up and condiments

Nasi Goreng Buntut - 78K

Classic oxtail fried rice served with sunny side up and condiments

Nasi Goreng Sambal Petai Ikan Asin (Spicy) - 69K

Fried rice tossed with sambal petai and salted fish served with sunny side up and condiments

Nasi Goreng Kecombrang Sambal Matah (spicy) - 65K

Fried rice tossed with ginger flower served with sate lilit sunny side up and condiments

Nasi Goreng Kampung - 65K

Classic fried rice served with sunny side up and condiments

Sate Selections

Sate Kambing Hambalang - 80K

Traditional grilled goat meat served with chili sweet soy sauce

Sate Ayam Madura - 65K

Classic chicken satay served with peanut sauce

Sate Maranggi SUPER Cianjur - 75K

Beef satay marinated with coriander seed and palm sugar served with sambal oncom

“All Prices are subjected to 21% government tax and service charge”​

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