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Carrying “Indonesian Fusion” concept of f&b and architecture design is the idea of living in Indonesia culture with its diversity. There are plenty of Indonesian twist cuisine by our talented Chefs and also offering a famous western, European and Asian dish to indulge your pallet

Bite, Snack, Soup & Salad

Bite & Snack

Trio Japas - 58K

Mix platters of loempia semarang, sosis Solo and risoles Bogor served with dipping and spring onion pickles

Mix Fritters - 48K

Very own favorite bites of fried casava, sweet potatoes, pastel and vegetable fritters

Pisang Goreng Madu Tiga - 48K

Battered of pisang uli served with honey cinnamon, salted caramel and chocolate fondue

Gyoza Sambal Matah (Spicy) - 48K

Deep fried chicken & prawn gyoza sambal matah served with special AKASHA gochujang sauce

Salty & Spicy Tofu (Spicy) - 35K

Deep fried white tofu tossed with garlic, chili and kafir lime leaves

Chicken Quesadillas - 68K

Tortilla flour, chicken tikka, caramelized onion, capsicum and mozzarella served with harissa mayo

Nachos el Mexicana’s - 48K

Mexican crispy tortilla corn chips with melted cheese, tomato salsa, jalapeno and tasty ground beef

Truffle Fries - 48K

Deep fried shoestring potatoes, tossed with truffle oil and served with aioli sauce

Spicy Potato Wedges - 48K

Deep fried potatoes served with cajun spicy and harissa mayo


Thai Seafood Salad - 85K

Prawn, squid, pomelo, scallion, tomatoes, coriander, romaine and thai dressing

Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad - 75K

Fusion Caesar salad with grilled cajun chicken breast, beef bacon, cherry tomatoes, soft boiled egg, garlic crouton, shaved Parmesan cheese and Caesar’s dressing

Karedok Villa Bapak - 45K

River stone muddled sundanese vegetable salad with “kencur” peanut dressing


Truffle Mushroom Soup - 58K

Creamy mushroom veloute served in homemade bread bowl

Sop Ikan Salmon Kerobokan - 180K

Balinese style salmon stew with ginger, tomatoes and lemon served with steamed rice

Sop Buntut Hambalang - 180K

Center cut oxtail soup with AKASHA special herbs & spices served with condiments

Seafood Tom Yum (Spicy) - 78K

Spicy thai seafood with squid, prawn and mussel served in whole young coconut

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