Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Slushy & Milkshake

Mango Slurpee - 48K

Mango puree blended with mango juice

Morning Breeze - 48K

Lime juice blended with ice mint

Black Velvet - 58K

Banana blended with activated charcoal, vanilla ice cream and macadamia syrup

Creamy Red Hazelnut - 58K

Dragon fruit blended with banana, fresh milk, ice cream and hazelnut syrup

Cheesy Berry - 58K

Strawberry fruit, strawberry syrup, fresh milk, full cream, ice cream and mascarpone cheese

Avocado Espresso - 65K

Avocado blended with vanilla syrup topped with vanilla ice cream and single espresso

Signature Mocktails

Campur Sari - 48K

Black grass jelly, young coconut, fruit slices, sarang sari syrup, condence milk and mascarpone sauce

Jahe Geprek Hambalang - 48K

Grilled and chopped red ginger, condense milk and homemade palm sugar syrup

Semar Mesem - 48K

Homemade rosella’s syrup, sweet and sour, crushed ice, topped with soda and rosella candy

Timun Sereh - 48K

Kyuri muddled with mint leaves lemon grass, lime juice and ice mint and topped with tonic water

Es Timun Serut - 48K

Shreded kyuri with honey dew syrup and chia seed

First Kiss - 58K

Fresh strawberies, lemon, butterfly pea flower tea topped with egg white foam

Iced Tea

Regular Ice Tea - 30K

Fresh tea with ice cube

Flavored Iced Tea - 35K

Lychee / peach / ice mint / bubble gum

Milk Grass Jelly - 48K

Milk iced tea with grass jelly and homemade palm sugar syrup

Thai Iced Tea - 48K

Classic Thai iced tea with boba

Salted Caramel Milk Tea - 48K

Milk iced tea with grass jelly, salted caramel and foam

Iced Tea Pitcher - 105K
Flavour Iced Tea Pitcher - 135K

Juices Bar

Fresh Juice - 48K

Orange/carrot/ watermelon/ honeydew/ Apple

Mixed Fresh Juice - 58K

Mix of 3 choices fresh fruit juice

Greeny Kist - 55K

Carrot, apple and orange

Morning Booster - 55K

Apple, Pineapple, lime, mint and honey

Healthy Sour - 55K

Strawberry, Dragon fruit, beetroot, lemon and yogurt

Hot Coffee & Chocolate

Single Espresso - 22K
Double Espresso - 38K
Cappuccino (hot/iced) - 42K
Latte (hot/iced) - 42K
Affogato - 45K
Macchiato - 35K
Americano (hot/iced) - 35K
Chocolate (hot/iced) - 42K
Matcha Latte - 42K

Flavour Coffee

Salted Caramel (hot/iced) - 48K
Vanilla - 48K
Hazelnut - 48K
Macadamia - 48K

Single Origin Coffee - V60

Gayo Natural - Gayo - 48K
Mandailing Wash - Mandailing - 48K
Orange Bourbon Natural - Java Ijen Raung - 48K
Blue Mountain Natural - Java Ijen Raung - 48K

Hot Tea

Earl Grey - 35K
Chamomile - 35K
English Breakfast - 35K
Tropical Mango - 35K
Jasmine - 35K

Soft Drinks

Coke - 35K
Sprite - 35K
Soda Water - 35K
Tonic Water - 35K


Cleo - 30K
"All Prices are subjected to 21% government tax and service charge"